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Telefonica has begun to use semantic technologies to assist the invoicing process

The invoicing process of any telecomm operator is a complex process, with lot of parameters to be considered (day of the week, destiny, especial plans…). This fact supposes a huge number of possible combinations to be taken into account when calculating a concrete tariff rate. Besides this, each time a new service is to be included; the calculation of the tariffs is a kind of nightmare for the staff dedicated to this aim. In Telefonica this will no longer be the case because a new assistant to help in this labour has been successfully developed. This assistant has as the more remarkable feature the utilization of semantic technologies to ease the activity of managing tariff rates. The system adds now a higher layer of concepts which simplify the process. This is particularly important for a company as Telefonica with branches in several countries and particular invoicing systems with different parameters in each country. Lot of savings in working hours and a reduction of errors have been observed after the utilization of this new tool.

VALUE-IT Workshop "Market Analysis for Semantic Technologies" at the European Semantic Technology conference (ESTC) - December 2nd -3rd

Bear to come and share with us at the VALUE-IT WORKSHOP "Market Analysis for Semantic Technologies" on December 3rd 2009 from 14:00 to 18:00.

European Semantic Technology conference (ESTC), held on December 2nd and 3rd in Vienna (, focus on the growth of the ICT semantic technology markets and targets world's leading thinkers, innovators, developers, engineers, and senior practitioners in innovation, specially in semantic technologies.

The objective of the session is tracking on the roadmap for semantic technologies for the enterprise, from labs and early adopters, to the mainstream market. Presenting Market and technology challenges to address by STE suppliers in the near future. Main topics of the session are:

  • Sector analysis on STE adoption
  • Market inhibitors and drivers
  • Representative Business Cases


Value-IT on the Online Information Event. December 1st-3rd 2009 in London

Come and visit the Value-IT stand during December 1st-3rd at the Online Information event in the Olympia Grand Hall, London (UK). Bear to come at the following conference sessions:

  • “A European Review Of Adoption Trends Of Semantic Technologies In The Enterprise (STE)” during the track “The Semantic Web Coming Of Age Semantic technologies: from bold visions to practical implementations” (Track 1, December 1st from 16:00 to 17:30); presented by Massimo Romanelli from DFKI. He will communicate the Semantic Technologies for Enterprises (STE) adoption trends and upcoming offering.
  • “Enterprise Information Management Where iss the ECM Market Going? Future Gazing” at the “Enterprise Information Management” on December 2nd. Mike Davis, Senior Analyst from Ovum will be participating in this panel.

The Online Information provides an annual meeting place for the global information industry and creates one of the largest events dedicated to the information industry. It expects over 9,000 visitors from 70 countries.


Value-IT Deliverables on the website

The Value-IT TechnoVision Report defines a vision of the likely future supply of innovative enterprise solutions based upon the development and consolidation of STE.
This deliverable, coupled with the deliverables of WP3 (demand side), comprises the inputs for programming activities for the Value-IT Roadmap and Matchmaking activities (download)

The Value-IT Interim Demand Driven Mapping Report comprises the preliminary
demand mapping for the use of semantic technologies for the enterprise (STEs) based upon
an analysis of a series of qualitative interviews with IT decision-makers in a range of industries and countries.
This interim analysis will be used as the basis for a detailed computer assisted questionnaire
(CATI) and which results will be used to validate the interim findings and to provide quantitative analysis of the mapped demand. (download)


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